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$95,000 Settlement Secured for North Carolina Car Accident Victim

Case Summary:
North Carolina motorist, stopped at a stop sign, pulled into the path of an oncoming vehicle operated by our client, a Virginia aviation mechanic. Our client suffered injuries and there was  extensive property damage. The North Carolina injury lawyer who represented the client arrived at an acceptable settlement number for the client during mediation. 

John C., North Carolina Personal Injury Attorney
Kelly K. Farley, CP - ParalegalSharon Deuter - Legal Assistant

North Carolina Superior Court, Camden County  

What Happened:
A driver going to work failed to yield the right of way while attempting to turn left onto US Route 17 from a stop sign.  The impact was so severe that our client had to be cut out and removed from his vehicle by emergency personnel. Our client suffered a possible fractured left clavicle, shoulder dislocation and tear, elbow trauma, knee, hand, back and chest injuries.  The orthopaedic surgeon performed a rotator cuff repair surgery.  The operation was successful.  Our client also suffered a deviated nasal septum as a result of this crash from the air bags deploying into his face.  An ENT surgeon performed a septoplasty and inferior turbinate reductionsurgical procedure.

Key Legal Strategy:
One key in this case was figuring out what, if any, permanent injury or chronic symptoms the client would face, that resulted from the accident. Our North Carolina injury lawyer met with the doctors to find out what they would say at trial, especially about a second injury to the shoulder at work about 10 months after the wreck.  Despite the subsequent fall, the treating doctor agreed that the patient suffered an AMA permanent partial impairment rating from the NC car accident.

Reached a settlement during mediation. The settlement amount was $95,000 out of an available $100,000 insurance policy.