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Car Passenger Suffers Leg and Arm Injuries Requiring Surgeries - $300,000 Settlement for Accomack, Eastern Shore of Virginia Car Accident Case

On July 10, 2014, a woman was operating a vehicle with her father (our clinet) in the front passenger seat, after they enjoyed dinner at a 
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seafood restaurant in Accomack County, Virginia.  There were rows of corn fields with crops growing tall as they approached a rural intersection on Route 180.  At that same moment, a teenager was operating a Ford Ranger on Route 600, when he completely failed to stop at a stop sign.  The teenager in the Ranger smashed broadside into the car operated by the woman and our client, who was the front seat passenger.  
Our client's vehicle was launched into the cornfield, smashing and totaling it and injuring both the driver and our client.  The rescue squad transported our client to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital where he was admitted since he was more seriously injured than his daughter. He was prepared for surgery on his right forearm and a hip injury after being treated initially.  Doctors put him into the intensive care unit because of his unstable condition at admission and his multiple traumas.
Ultimately, orthopedic surgery was required and he underwent an open reduction and internal fixation of his right ulna the forearm area-see the graphic image posted with this case result. His femur and hip area surgery was successfully carried out at the hospital and images of this hip surgical procedure are also shown with his case result report.  He unfortunately also suffered complications during his hospitalization because there was increased drainage from his right hip wound so a wound vacuum system had to be placed on the area to help with drainage.
Accomack injury attorney, Accomack injury lawyerOnce he was finally released from Santerre Norfolk General Hospital, still unable to walk, he was transferred for extensive rehabilitation at the Riverside Shore Rehabilitation Center on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, near where his family had a vacation home. He had been visiting the Eastern shore at the time of the car crash, and required local rehabilitation before he could go back home to Kentucky, his residence.
After considerable rehabilitation and physical therapy, our client was able to gain some semblance of his former life. Though,  his medical expenses totaled about $100,000.00.
Our client was a resident of Kentucky, but the accident occurred on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.  Our team of Eastern Shore car accident lawyers determined that there was inadequate insurance coverage under the teenager's auto insurance policy who caused the crash. His policy provided only $50,000.00 dollars in insurance coverage (so only enough to cover half of our client's medical expenses).  
We learned that our client's daughter, the driver of the car, had one car insurance policy and our client and his wife, had another car insurance policy of their own.  Together, these two policies were stacked (i.e. combined) providing an additional $300,000.00 in underinsured motorist coverage.  This meant that the total amount of available insurance was $300,000.00, including the available $50,000 liability coverage that the the at-fault teenager under his policy.  Though we felt the value of this case far exceeded that amount of insurance, we worked tirelessly to get the maximum amount of compensation through the sources of available auto insurance coverage.  Therefore, we threatened to file suit in Kentucky against the underinsured motorist carriers and eventually they offered all of their available $300,000.00 of underinsured motorist coverage which settled the case. We sadly concluded that pursuing the teenager for amounts in excess of the available insurance would be fruitless.  We assisted the client in obtaining reductions of some of the related medical expenses, to increase the amount of funds available to the client from the settlement funds. This is something an experienced Eastern Shore car accident lawyer can do for a client - negotiating with insurance adjusters and medical lien holders to fight to ensure you get the most compensation possible.

$300,000 Settlement from Three Insurance Companies