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Chesapeake Car Wreck Goes to Trial, Firm Gets Favorable Result for Client

What Happened

Our client was a passenger in an SUV that was sideswiped on Plainfield Avenue in Chesapeake, Virginia on December 23, 2013. The impact of the wreck resulted in our client suffering low back injuries and missing time from work. Our client's medical bills totaled approximately $8,000 and his lost wages were approximately $2,000. The insurance company never offered more than $11,500 to settle the case. Our firm recognized that our client was seriously harmed during the holiday season and was forced to not only miss time from work, but take time out of his day to see a physical therapist and other medical professionals to get back to 100%.

We took the case to trial in Chesapeake General District Court and were able to secure a $15,000 judgment in favor of our client. 

Kevin Duffan and Patrick Austin
Chesapeake General District Court