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Double Ureter Injury Brings $750,000.00 Settlement

Virginia Beach, VA

Lawyers: James C. Lewis, Mark F. and Kevin M. Duffan

Staff: Denell C- Paralegal; Melissa K- Legal Assistant

What Happened:

Double Ureter Injury Brings $750,000.00 Settlement

Jim was recently asked to help a woman who suffered severe damages because of a surgical error.  She went into the hospital to receive a robotically-assisted laparoscopic hysterectomy (DaVinci Robot).  Apparently, during the surgery, her doctor burned one of her ureters and placed a stitch through the other one.  This surgical error was discovered in the recovery room because Jim’s client was not producing any urine.  She underwent several months during which tubes inserted into each one of her kidneys through her back were connected to collection bags which she wore on her legs to remove urine from her kidneys.  Thereafter, she underwent surgical repair of both of her ureters.  Jim was able to settle the case for his client for $750,000.00.