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Driver Injured at Virginia Beach Intersection Receives Sizable Jury Verdict

Case Description: A driver suffered neck and lower back sprains requiring multiple courses of chiropractic treatment when hit by another vehicle whose driver attempt to cross through an intersectio n without yielding right of way.

Firm Attorney and Staff: Randall E. Appleton, Attorney; Denell Falzon, Paralegal; Becky Wyatt, Legal Assistant

Court/Date: Virginia Beach, VA Circuit Court/November 2008

What Happened: On September 4, 2004, our client, EM, was driving his vehicle on 22nd Street at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront and heading to I-264 when his vehicle was struck from the left side by another vehicle attempting to cross 22nd Street at an intersection. EM sustained injuries and was transported to a local hospital, where he was examined in the emergency room and discharged with a diagnosis of cervical and lumbar sprains.

EM sought chiropractic care for the soft tissue injuries in Virginia approximately two weeks after his hospital discharge and continued that therapy for approximately six weeks. Our client then returned to his home in Florida (FL) and participated in two more treatment programs with chiropractors. EM's medical expenses totaled approximately $4,600. 

Key Legal Strategy: EM retained our Virginia Beach-based personal injury law firm to maximize his personal injury recovery. At trial we presented records of his accident-related medial expenses and evidence of a loss of business earnings related to his inability to complete a business venture he was beginning at the time of the wreck.

We also had EM's three treating chiropractors describe his therapy and permanent impairment at trial. One of the health care providers appeared in person, and the other two made statement read to the court. These presentations allowed members of the jury to consider the persistence of the car EM's pain symptoms and limited mobility following the car wreck.

Outcome: The jury returned a verdict in the amount of $21,000 in favor of our client.