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Driver Injured in Rear-End Car Accident in Virginia Beach

Case Description: A rear-end accidet caused by an unexpected stop left a driver with whplash.

Firm Attorney and Staff: James C. Lewis, Attorney; Melissa Kelly, Legal Assistant; Denell Falzon, Paralegal

Court/Date: Virginia Beach, VA Circuit Court/October 2010

What Happened: Our client was driving down Independence Boulevard in Virginia Beach, VA, when a vehicle in front of him made a sudden, unexpected stop. Our client was able to stop his car without hitting the vehicle in front of him but was rear-ended by the car behind him and rear-ended a second time when the car behind him was hit from behind. Our client suffered whiplash injuries and received approximately $3,500 worth of chiropractic care over a two‑month period.

The insurance companies representing the three drivers responsible for the wreck all refused to make reasonable offers, ultimately agreeing to pay our client just $5,000. He rejected that settlement.

Key Legal Strategy: We filed a lawsuit on our client's behalf in Virginia Beach Circuit Court, and the case went to a jury trial. We brought showed videotaped testimony from our client's chiropractor in the courtroom. We also brought his physical therapist in live to speak face to face to the jury about the injuries our client suffered and the treatments that were provided.

Outcome: Our client received a jury award of $30,000 plus court costs.