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Judge Awards Three Times the Insurance Company's Offer in Norfolk Car Wreck Case

Case Description: A woman suffered injuries when T-boned in an intersection by another driver who ran a red light.

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Court/Date: Norfolk, VA General District Court/November 2008

What Happened: This case arose from an accident that occurred at a frequently traveled intersection in Norfolk, Virginia (VA). My client was stopped at a red light. When the signal turned to green, she entered the intersection and was T-boned by the defendant. The defendant claimed she too had the green light. 

Key Legal Strategy: This case was messy from the start. Generally, cases of disputed liability do not do very well in front of judges or juries. However, we beleived that our client was not at fault and were willing to go the distance to prove that. We planned to make sure the judge understood that our client was stopped before the accident occurred, arguing it was highly unlikely that she would have chosen to enter the intersection after stopping on a red light.

Outcome: A  judge awarded our client three times the defendant driver's insurance company's settlement offer. It is important when you hire a personal injury lawyer that you choose someone who will follow your case to trial. While our firm secures many million dollar verdicts and settlements each year, our attorneys also handle smaller cases. Each lawyer gives the same attention to both types of cases.

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