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Jury Awards Exact Amount Requested by Attorney


Kevin Duffan

Jim Lewis


Virginia Beach Circuit Court

What Happened:

Our client was a 43-year-old woman who was involved in a three-car motor vehicle collision in Virginia Beach, Virginia (VA). The defendant was operating the last vehicle, another individual was operating the middle vehicle, and our client was operating the first vehicle. 

The defendant rear-ended the middle vehicle that was then pushed into our client's vehicle causing less than $600.00 worth of damage to her rear bumper.  Despite the minor property damage, our client suffered several injuries to her neck, back and shoulder.  After chiropractic care and physical therapy proved to be unsuccessful in resolving her pain, she had a surgical procedure done to repair a partially torn labrum in her left shoulder and ultimately was referred to pain management. 

The defendant argued that the impact was too minor to have caused the injuries claimed by my client and that the surgery and any medical treatment beyond 6-8 weeks post-accident was not causally related to the car wreck. The defendant also argued that our client had many pre-existing injuries were the root of her continued pain.  The defendant’s position was reinforced by a medical evaluation completed by a defense expert, Dr. John Williamson, who opined that any injuries that our client suffered in the accident had healed after eight weeks.


After an hour of deliberation, the jury returned a verdict of $160,747.34, the exact amount that Kevin requested in closing argument.