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Navy Man on Motorcycle Rear-Ended by Inattentive Driver of SUV

Case Description: A man suffered serious leg and spinal disc injuries when the driver of an SUV rear-ended him as he sat a stop light on his motorcycle

Court: Virginia Beach Circuit Court

What Happened: An SUV vehicle rear-ended a man sitting at a red light on his motorcycle. The motorcyclist, an active-duty member of the U.S. Navy, was treated at the emergency room for bilateral lower leg and back injuries, and a CT scan was performed of his head to rule out brain trauma. A separate MRI revealed that the morcycle rider had suffered a herniated intervertebral thoracic disc, the treatment of which required physical therapy and epidural steroid injections.

Key Legal Strategy:Getting Navy records and records from the U.S. Department of Veteran's Affairs can be challenging. Doing so often requires close cooperation between the lawyer and the client, as well as a bit of patience. One key in this case was figuring out what, if any, permanent injury or chronic symptoms the client would face, so as to be sure that the settlement took into account medical expenses for treating any ongoing problems caused by the wreck.

Outcome:USAA Insurance Agency agreed to a settlement of $50,000.