Personal Injury/Partial Loss of Eyesight-Bar/Restaurant/Nightclub Lack of Security- $500,000.00 VA Settlement

Attorney: Emily Mapp Brannon
Legal Assistant: Sandra Johnson


A young enlisted Navy man, was socializing at a local Norfolk, Virginia (VA) bar/nightclub with some friends while off duty.  The  off duty naval client had been in the bar/nightclub/restaurant for a very short time when the drunken customer was admitted despite his obvious intoxication/drunk condition.  The drunken customer was very aggressive and began harassing one of the active duty client's female friends.  The female friend asked bar security for assistance and none was provided.  As the harassment continued, the drunken customer grabbed a glass and threw it at the female.  The female customer ducked to avoid the glass and the active duty client was struck in his right eye by the glass, causing severe traumatic and permanent eyesight injuries.  The active duty client was immediately blinded and was transported to Norfolk General Hospital for emergency surgery.  Following the surgery at Norfolk Generally, the client/victim was treated through the military and underwent two additional surgeries. 


Our legal efforts as his Virginia/Carolina personal injury lawyers focused on proving that the bar/nightclub was legally responsible for inadequate security (or lack of any real security) and thus the resulting negligent/careless acts injuring its customer, especially by a drunk patron customer who was more likely to assault or injure an innocent customer like our client.  For the first few months following the incident, the active duty client could not see at all from his right eye due to serious eye/optic personal injuries.  As time passed, the active duty client regained some use of the eye, and partial eyesight, but still fears driving and has difficulty adjusting to the dark.  The active duty client will need more eye treatment in the future and likely additional opthamology-eye surgery.  The active duty client also now suffers permanent disability and impairment to the eye and suffers limitations to his job duties and potential inability to continue in his active duty military status with the Navy.  He may eventually be discharged from the Navy as a result of the disability and limitation in his eyesight.  The insurance company for the bar/nightclub/restaurant knew that there was negligence on the part of the bar/nightclub for admitting and serving an intoxicated/drunk customer/patron.  More importantly, the bar/nightclub was responsible for making sure that its guests were safe from known dangers, such as the drunken customer's aggressive, violent behavior-because its security and “bouncers” failed to stop this known, dangerous customer from careless, wrongful behavior that permanently injured our client. 

Many personal injury attorneys would not take a case like this.  One of the reasons I took the case is because of the severity of the active duty military client's injuries.  We are licensed in Virginia and North Carolina, and our injury law firm has proudly represented navy, army, air force, “Seals” and active or retired marine clients, and we understand the military system, its disability system, and how to deal with medical care on the base, or at government medical hospitals and clinics.  I knew that my client would likely be disabled from the military in the future-at some time and would possibly lose his career/job as a result of the bar/nightclub's negligence and the violent acts of the drunken customer.  Major injuries like this often require that we present solid evidence about lost wages/lost income as well as any evidence of past or future medical expenses and level of disability.   I obtained written opinions from a well respect eye doctor relating to his disability and impairment in order to prove the extent of his likely future losses-including loss of wages from the military.   Whether or not your potential claim involves the military or not, if you are ever injured in a bar, nightclub or restaurant please call us or complete our quick contact form.  We always interested in finding  ways to help injured people recover for their personal injuries as a result of someone else's negligence or bad acts. 



$500,000.000 Settlement