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Portsmouth Attorney Beats the Insurance Company's Low-Ball Settlement Offer in Court

Case Descrition: A man injured in a rear-end accident had to take the at-fault driver's insurance company to court in order to receive compesation for his injury claims that covered all his accident-related medical bills.

Firm Attorney: Emily Mapp Brannon

Court/Date: Portsmouth General District Court/May 11, 2010

What Happened: This case arose from a rear-end collision that caused our client moderate injuries and minor property damage to his vehicle. Our client received treatment for his injuries for a little under three months. For reasons we still cannot figure out, the insurance company for the at-fault driver refused to compensate our client for all his accident-related medical bills. Instead of accepting the too-low offer and moving on, Brannon convinced the client to take his case to court in hopes of gaining a recovery higher than the insurance company's claims settlement offer. 

Key Legal Strategy: The client went to court, represented by Brannon.  Lately, insurance companies are refusing to pay even on claims they have no legitimate grounds for refusing.  For this reason, you must pick an attorney who knows how to try a case so you can pursue litigation to receive the compensation you deserve.

Outcome: Brannon was able to beat the insurance company's settlement offer by $6,500, securing an award of $13,000 for her client. This case is a prime example of why an injured accident victim should hire an attorney who is willing to battle in court when necessary.

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