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Serious Auto Accident on the Eastern Shore Caused Death of Infant

Case Description: A woman was serious injured, and her son was killed, in an accident on Virginia's Eastern Shore.

Firm Attorney and Staff: Randall E. Appleton, Attorney; Becky Wyatt, Legal Assistant; Herbert Wooten, Investigator

Court/Date: Eastern Shore of Virginia/2007

What Happened: Our plaintiff was operating a motor vehicle that was struck by the defendant's vehicle. The accident caused injuries to our client and the death of her infant son.

Key Legal Strategy: We examined the scene of the collision, obtained numerous photographs, inspected our client’s vehicle and interviewed the trooper in charge of the investigation of the wreck. We also initiated the lawsuit very quickly, which maximized our ability to subpoena information held by third parties.

Outcome: Both the injury case for the woman and the wrongful death case for her son were settled early on for the maximum amount available under the applicable insurance policies.

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