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Settlement Achieved for Navy SEAL Bicyclist Injured by Wrong-Way Driver

Our law firm is proud to represent members of the military who suffer serious injuries in auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle crashes, or any other type of preventable accident. We have represented service members of every branch of the military including the Navy, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard, etc. It is an honor and a privilege to help these incredible men and women in their time of need.

Navy SEAL Injured by Wrong-Way Driver

An example of our experience helping military service members is a client (a Navy SEAL) who was riding his triathlon bicycle for training along a rural residential road in Virginia Beach when a motorist traveling from the opposite direction suddenly crossed from the opposite direction into our client's lane of travel. The vehicle didn't just turn in front of our client, the driver actually drove the wrong way for some distance before turning into the grassy front yard of a friend who lived along this rural road.
Our client was forced to evade the collision and basically ditch the bicycle.  By evading the collision, he avoided significantly worse injuries but suffered significant trauma from road rash and from striking the pavement at a fairly good rate of speed.  The next day he treated at the emergency room for left flank and abdominal pain and severe abrasions to his back, his left flank and his palms.  A CT scan revealed soft tissue contusion to his left lateral flank and pelvic area.  He was provided infusion pain medication through an IV push because of intense pain.  He was prescribed pain medication and was directed to clean and dress the wounds along his body from road rash.
Because he was in the military, he continued physical therapy at the U.S. Little Creek Naval Facility for back and neck pain.  He also treated with a military orthopedic doctor because of ongoing neck and back pain and was prescribed medications.  In total, between military and private medical care he incurred about $15,000.00 in medical expenses.

Key Legal Strategy

Our Navy SEAL client had a number of tours of duty on classified missions and was the last person who would get medical care unless it was absolutely necessary.  There was no question that by laying down his bike he avoided a more significant set of injuries, and the driver was at fault for traveling the wrong way in his lane of travel before crossing into the front yard of a neighbor's home.


$40,000 Settlement
Law Firm Attorney
Richard N. Shapiro
Roz H., Paula M., paralegals
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Virginia Beach Circuit Court

$40,000 Settlement