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Severed Ureter Brings $300,000.00 Settlement

$300,000 Settlement for Victim of Severed Left Ureter

Date: April 24th, 2013

Attorneys: James C. Lewis and Mark F.

Staff: Danell C. Paralegal: Melissa K.- Legal Assistant


Jim was recently asked to help a client in pursuing her claim for personal injuries as a result of a surgical error that occurred during her laparoscopic hysterectomy.  Apparently, during the surgery, her doctor burned one of her ureters and did not know he had done so.  The injury was finally diagnosed approximately ten days later and she was required to have a tube inserted in her kidney to drain urine out into a bag that she wore on her leg for several months.  Thereafter, her ureter was re implanted into her bladder so that she was able to return to relatively normal body function.  Jim was able to settle her case for $300,000.00 thereby avoiding the need for a trial.