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Soft Tissue Neck and Shoulder Injuries Caused by Auto Accident

Case Description: A man suffered neck and shoulder injuries and persistent pain after another driver cause an accident by maing an improper left turn in front of his car.

Firm Attorney and Staff: Randall E. Appleton, Attorney; Becky Wyatt, Legal Assistant

Court/Date: Portsmouth, VA Circuit Court/August 2006

What Happened: Our client suffered soft tissue injuries to his neck and shoulder when the vehicle he was driving struck another car whose driver had made an improper left turn across our client’s lane of travel. Our client suffered nagging neck and shoulder pain that only subsided after many months. Our client’s medical bills amounted to approximately $10,000.

Key Legal Strategy: The insurance company failed to offer any reasonable compensation to resolve our client's injury claims prior to trial. We prepared the case for trial and moved forward.

Outcome: After a two-day trial, a jury awarded our client $30,000.