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Virginia Beach, VA Drunk Driver Leaves Road, Injures Student Pedestrian on Sidewalk

Location: Virginia Beach, VA

A young woman was injured when a drunk driver (DUI driver) left the roadway and struck her in Virginia Beach, VA.  Our client, a young mother and aid to the mentally disabled, was walking, legally, on the sidewalk.  The drunk driver lost control of her vehicle, and then fled the scene after injuring the student mom. 

Our client was lying hurt in a ditch for 25 minutes before anyone knew she was there.  She suffered a very large laceration to her head, requiring staples, a broken finger, multiples cuts and bruises and worst of all, a closed head injury (yes, this is categorized as a traumatic brain injury by doctors). 

After we notified the insurance company of our representation of the student, the insurance adjuster quickly offered their complete policy limits very quickly as they knew that they had no defenses to this drunk driving case. 

Unfortunately, the defendant drunk driver carried only minimum insurance coverage and the client had no Underinsured Motorist coverage, which might have provided additional coverages given the serious personal injuries.  This arises when that the other driver’s insurance coverage is not enough given the serious injury, but unfortunately, there was no additional underinsured coverage to collect. 

The lesson is simple; make sure you have enough Underinsured Motorist Coverage for yourself and your family, and this means at least 300,000 dollars in such coverage.