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Virginia Truck Accident Injury Case Results in $550,000 Settlement

What Happened         

Our client was a tractor trailer driver operating his big rig on a four lane divided highway. Another driver, the defendant, worked for a local car dealership and was delivering a vehicle to a customer.  The defendant driver, traveling in the opposite direction of our client, crossed a grassy median and struck our client's truck head-on at a high rate of speed.

Serious Injuries

Our client suffered injuries to his shoulders, knee and hand.  He underwent a rotator cuff repair following the surgery which put him out of work for about six months.  He will require a surgical repair in his other shoulder which defendant's counsel argued was due to a degenerative condition, not the truck accident.

Key Legal Strategies

The defendant's counsel initially argued their driver was the victim of a sudden medical emergency which led to the wreck, not his negligence.  An investigation of the driver's medical history turned up evidence that he suffered from a long-standing seizure disorder which was the probable cause of the crash, not a sudden unexpected medical emergency.

The parties voluntarily agreed to mediate the claim which resulted in a $550,000.00 settlement of this Virginia truck accident injury case. 

Attorney          Randy Appleton, Virginia Truck Accident Injury Lawyer with Shapiro & Appleton& Duffan

Paralegals       Becky W, Roz H.

Court               Virginia State Court

Date                January 2016

$550,000 Settlement