Frequently Asked Questions

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  • If I am in a bicycle accident in a right of way motor vehicle accident, what should I do?

    It is important to not delay in contacting a VA bike accident if you have been hurt in a car accident. This is important because vital evidence at the scene of the crash needs to be analyzed, and we may need to send out letters that demand the preservation of evidence to relevant parties. 

  • What is a common scenario for a bicyclist to be injured in a right of way accident?

    A very common situation is when a bike and car stop at a four way stop sign. Whoever stopped first has the right of way to go first. If it is unclear who stopped first, then the vehicle on the right should go first. If this is the biker, he has the right of way. Some drivers don't realize that bikers have the same rights of the road in that scenario as car drivers, and injuries can result. Drivers may also get impatient with the biker and try to go first in any case, which also can be dangerous. 

  • I was hit by a car on my bike. What do the laws of Virginia say on this?

    Most drivers do not know that bike riders have the same right of way laws as motorized vehicles, as noted in Code of Virginia 46.2-82. Failure to obey right of way laws leads to serious bicycle accidents, and if the driver failed to give you right of way, you can sue in civil court for your damages and injuries. 

  • What types of accidents happen when a biker hits a pedestrian?

    A serious biker can reach speeds of 25 MPH or even more. When struck by an object at that speed, the pedestrian can suffer broken bones, scrapes, concussion or worse. 

  • Why does it take a long time in some cases to get my medical records for a bike accident case?

    Your attorney needs full access to your medical records from all medical providers that gave you treatment. But they are not usually in a rush to send them in quickly; there is no law requiring them to do so on a timely basis. You can easily have to wait months for critical medical records. 

  • How can a bicycle accident attorney reduce my stress level?

    He can reduce your stress by handling the preparation of the injury claim for you. He will call all of your doctors and collect all medical records and bills. Your attorney also will collect all accident reports and statements from witnesses. He also will gather all information about your lost work time and lost wages. 

  • How can a personal injury attorney get me more compensation in a bicycle accident claim?

    An experienced attorney will have dealt with many similar cases before. Handling dozens or more of these cases creates a familiarity and comfort that you cannot have as a first timer. Your attorney also knows how insurance claims work, what they look for in a claim and how to position the claim for a future trial. 

  • Can I handle my bicycle accident claim myself?

    Some injured parties think they can just as easily talk to an insurance adjuster as an attorney, and save themselves the cost of the attorney's fee. But there are many areas where a skilled attorney can save you time and possibly get you higher compensation. 

  • Do bikers have the same rights on the road as drivers in Virginia?

    Yes. Under VA Code 46.2-800, people riding bikes on a road, street or highway in the state have the same rights and duties that are applicable to motorists. 

  • What are the rules for a bike crossing a road in Virginia in a marked crosswalk?

    Typically, a cyclist should not operate his bicycle within a crosswalk as he has the same responsibilities as any other vehicle on the road.  However, if a cyclist attempts to cross in a crosswalk on foot or if the crosswalk is a shared use path, VA Code 46.2-924 states that drivers must yield right of way to a biker crossing a road in any clearly marked crosswalk or any intersection with a speed limit below 35 miles per hour.