I suffered serious injuries from a medical device, but don't know the manufacturer. Can I bring a claim? | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

These days there are so many new medical products and devices, consumers almost never know who the manufacturer was, especially if their doctor or surgeon used that device during surgery or as a prosthetic for a hip replacement or new replacement as just a couple examples.

This is why you probably should consult a medical device personal injury law firm like ours. We can obtain the medical records and in those records usually there will be information, just like any other product, showing the manufacturer, the model, and sometimes even a UPC sticker.

More importantly, product liability injury lawyers are constantly sharing information nationwide, about whether there are any class action lawsuits, or any mass claims for similar consumer injuries from a medical device. Please consult with us for a free confidential evaluation. We handle these claims on a nationwide basis.