Client 1 comes to our law firm several weeks after their car accident injury and explains that besides one visit to the emergency room they rehabilitated by staying at home for two weeks to mend their body. Client 2 goes to the emergency room, is told to follow up with their family doctor, does so, and the family doctor refers that victim to an appropriate specialist and for other physical therapy. All other things being equal the second client will be paid a more significant sum for their personal injuries than the client who rested their bones for two weeks at home.

Insurance adjusters are simply trained to look for qualified medical care and documentation, as well as the expenses associated with it. Client 1 will receive inadequate compensation if injured the same as client 2, because there is no qualified documentation of the significance of the injuries following the emergency room visit, especially assuming that no doctor issued a note saying that client 1 should remain off of work for the two-week period. Documentation, evidence, expenses always trump the injured clients “word” that they were hurt and could not get up off the couch.

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