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What does MDL mean and how is it related to the DePuy hip replacement recall?

MDL is short for multi-district litigation. This type of litigation is routine in the area of product recalls. When a product like the DePuy ACR hip is recalled, there are often thousands of plaintiffs. The judicial system allows for the plaintiffs to form a group, or class action, which will present the claims as a whole. This type of litigation saves plaintiffs a lot of time and money by consolidating all the individual cases. The MDL hears the cases as a whole and makes a decision that affects the entire class.

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What are “defective products” and what does “product liability” mean?

A “defective product” is one that causes injury as a result of a flaw or deficiency in the product such as labeling, construction, or how the product was used. The manufacturer of the product that caused the injury, in addition to the individuals involved in the chain of commerce such as the provider, are liable for injuries caused by these defective products.
“Product liability” claims are cases dealing with injury or damage stemming from defective products that run from the obvious (i.e. a car sold with faulty air bags, a mislabeled product or drug that causes injury) to the innocuous (i.e. side effects from an improperly tested prescription drug).
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