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Do I really need a lawyer?

This is a good question since some cases don't really require a personal injury lawyer. In you're on the fence about hiring an attorney, we totally understand. This is an extremely important decision and there are so many lawyers out there telling you to "call them right away or your claim will forever be doomed." We don't work like that. 

Part of our job is to help you figure out if you need a lawyer. We do this during a confidential, no-hassle consultation (which can be in-person or done over the phone). If you do not need an attorney, we will tell you and there is no charge for this initial evaluation. 


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Can you provide me with some deposition advice?

An experienced, highly competent injury attorney, like those working for Shapiro & Appleton takes the time to review all of the main issues that are likely to come up in a deposition with their client, listens carefully to the client's version of events, and explains how an attorney may try to twist their words against them.

Depending upon how serious the issues are in the case, we may spend hours meeting with a client to prepare them for a deposition. Words of wisdom include never lie, never think you can cover-up an issue that you personally believe is irrelevant to your present injuries, as it is up to your experienced injury attorney to learn what you think is irrelevant and then advise you of the law that applies or whether some legal privilege applies that can protect you from disclosing that information.

This type of thing is exactly why you decided to hire an attorney so full disclosure is important in confidence as the attorney-client privilege protects certain kinds of disclosures that the law deems inadmissible in an injury case. Just don't make that decision in your mind without disclosing it to your attorney. Do not think that the other attorney may never find out about some pre-existing medical care that you kind of decided is not relevant. Real bad idea-you must cover with your personal injury attorney. We handle some high-stakes litigation involving serious and catastrophic injuries as well as the routine injury case. In some serious/catastrophic litigation it is not unusual for private investigators to stake out injured persons and we explain this to our clients, as the ramifications can be serious.


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