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What is a deposition?

For an injury lawsuit, a legal deposition is a formal process where the injured person testifies under oath. This usually means one of the parties (either the injured person's attorney or the defense or insurance attorney), assures that a licensed court reporter/stenographer is present to record the injured person's testimony, which then can be used in certain ways in the injury case.

Every state and federal court specifies a written court procedure on exactly how a deposition can be conducted, and other provisions specify how it can later be used once it is typed up by a court reporter.

Also, these written court rules specify that such a deposition can be videotaped and some court rules even provide that a deposition may in fact be videotaped and without a court stenographer present. Court reporters are highly trained and most states require licensure.

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What if the injury is caused by military contractors?

You should be able to file a claim against a military contractor since your claims can be brought against an individual or company, but not against the federal government or military. For example, if Contractor X produced a weapon or a parachute that you used during active service and the weapon or parachute breaks due to faulty construction and you get injured, then there is a possible case for injury or wrongful death (as long as the claim is filed against the company, not the military, but there are still defense to these suits made by such companies).
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