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The questions on this page were answered by our team of Virginia Beach & Norfolk personal injury attorneys. The questions are categorized by practice area such as car accidents, medical malpractice, wrongful death, etc. If you have specific questions about your situation, contact our firm to set up a free consultation with an actual attorney.

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  • How common are emergency room medical errors?

    There are approximately 100 million visits made to the emergency room each year in the U.S. Statistics reveal that approximately 10 percent of all emergency room visits involve mistakes. This means that about five to 10 million medical errors are made each year in emergency rooms throughout this country.

  • How many car accident victims suffer from PTSD?

    According to national statistics, approximately nine percent of all car accident victims will develop PTSD after a crash. If a victim has other emotional issues at the time of the crash, they may be more susceptible to PTSD. Fourteen percent of victims who are seeking mental health treatment and are then in a crash will develop PTSD. And almost 30 percent of victims who seek mental health treatment following the crash and are diagnosed with PTSD have also been diagnosed with other mental health issues, such as depression and 15 percent report a fear of driving.

  • What is post-traumatic stress disorder?

    PTSD is a condition that a victim develops after experiencing a dangerous or frightening event. Many car accident victims experience the “fight or flight” response immediately following a crash. The majority will quickly recover from that response, however, there are also some victims who still feel the fear long after the crash. These victims will often feel afraid or stressed, even when there is no danger present. This is PTSD.

  • What is one of the most common emotional injuries a victim can suffer in a car accident?

    One of the most common mental health issues a victim can develop after a crash is post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD). Car accidents are cited as the most experienced traumatic event for men and the second most experienced traumatic event for women.

  • Is it possible to find a hit and run driver?

    There are cases where a hit and run driver is found. The police investigating the accident, your insurance company, or your car accident attorney may be able to take the available evidence and use it to locate the responsible driver. The driver will not only be responsible for damages and losses a victim has but will also face criminal charges, as well.

  • What is the definition of a hit and run crash?

    A hit and run crash occurs when at least one of the drivers leaves the scene of the accident without offering appropriate and legally required information or leaves without helping any of the other parties involved in the crash. Failure to report the crash may also be classified as a hit and run.


  • What type of diseases can a victim develop from a dog bite?

    There have been more than 60 types of bacteria that could potentially be in a dog’s mouth. This is why almost 20 percent of dog bite victims develop infections. The more common infections include:

    • Capnocytophaga: Although many people who are exposed to this bacteria do not become sick, victims who have weakened immune systems are in danger of serious – if not fatal – infections.
    • MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus): This staph infection can be resistant to certain antibiotics and can cause lung, skin, and urinary tract infections. If this bacteria enters the bloodstream or the lungs, it can be fatal for the victim
    • Pasteurella: These bacteria show up in more than half of infected dog bites. Symptoms of this infection include pain and redness in the bite area, swelling of joints, swollen glands, and difficulty moving.
    • Rabies: Rabies affects the victim’s brain and is almost always fatal once symptoms appear.
    • Tetanus: This bacteria causes a rigid paralysis in the victim.

  • How is a victim of a hit and run accident compensated for their losses?

    If the at-fault driver is not identified, the victim can file an accident claim with their own insurance company. Keep in mind that although you are filing with your own company and not another driver’s insurance company, your company may still balk at paying you the full value of your claim and attempt to lowball or deny your claim. This is why you should contact a Virginia car accident attorney.

  • What are reasons why an insurance company would act in bad faith in a personal injury case?

    There are a number of reasons why an insurance company would try to violate the terms of the customer’s insurance policy.  Although there are instances that there was a processing error, in the majority of these situations, the company will deny a valid claim in order to try to avoid paying the victim damages for the losses they suffered and that they legally are entitled to. Whenever there is bad faith on the insurance company’s part, the victim can pursue litigation through the court system.

  • When can an insurance company legitimately deny an injury claim?

    An insurance company is legally allowed to reject an injury claim – in good faith – if it can cite grounds that are described under the terms of the customer’s policy. For example, if the customer’s insurance policy only covers damages to vehicle repairs and not any injuries a victim may sustain, the insurance company can legally reject any injury claims.