What information do I need to provide to you if I hire your law firm?

FAQ: What information do I need to provide to you if I hire your law firm? 

Answer: The overly simple answer to this question is “everything”. Every case we take has several stages. The first stage is intake. We have forms and questionnaires to elicit information to identify our client and the potential claim. This includes basic info such as address, phone number, date and location of injury, etc. At this stage it will be important to advise us of the names of all health care providers who have treated your injuries so we can establish requests for pertinent medical records and bills. If your injuries result in lost wages or employment, we’ll need information regarding your job such as employer, wage rate, job description. The second stage of the case occurs during the client’s medical care. During this period, it is important to keep us up to date on doctor’s visits, any changes in medical care and/or symptoms. The third stage occurs once medical care ends or the doctor has advised the client they have reached “maximum medical important”. At this point, we begin to prepare the claim for negotiations. We need to confirm we have the information regarding all of the healthcare providers who have treated our client as well as their charges. We’ll also need accurate information regarding lost wages and any estimated of future lost wages or reduced earning capacity. Our team will coordinate the acquisition of this information with our client.