What safety tips should motorcycle riders keep in mind when riding in autumn? | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Many motorcycle enthusiasts say that riding in the autumn is the best time to ride, but there are several things that riders need to keep in mind to stay safe – in addition to all the other safety precautions riders should take (i.e. always wear a helmet, wear correct riding gear).

  • Dress in Layers: The weather during autumn rapidly changes from morning, afternoon, and evening. If you are heading out for the day, you will likely encounter a few different temperatures, so it is important to dress in layers. Wearing thin layers instead of one thick one allows riders to adjust their clothes to their own comfort level as the day goes on.
  • Bring Rain Gear: Autumn weather can be unpredictable. The day can start out as sunny and warm and by mid-afternoon, it’s raining and raw. Always pack rain gear when heading out for the day. Make sure the gear is actually waterproof, including gloves, because even a light drizzle can end up soaking unprotected clothing.
  • Watch Out for Leaves: The beauty of autumn is the changing colors of the leaves. But those leaves fall to the ground, creating dangerous hazards for riders, especially if the leaves are wet. Leaves can cause traction issues, as well as cover up road problems, such as potholes.
  • Watch Out for Road Frost: Even when the predicted weather for the day is warm and sunny, mornings in autumn usually start out with frost on the ground. Frost can cause a rider to lose control of their bike. If you are traveling in the morning, try to stay more in the middle of the road where there is less moisture and less frost.