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2010 Virginia Commercial Vehicle Accident Statistics & Facts

The Virginia Highway Safety Office has released a report detailing all 2010 traffic accidents in Virginia. Perhaps the most revealing part of this new report is the commercial vehicle accident statistics for the year 2010 in the state of Virginia:


  • A total of 4,646 commercial truck crashes took place.
  • 86 people were killed in traffic accidents involving commercial vehicles such as trucks. There were 80 fatal crashes. 
  • Commercial truck accidents made up over ten percent of all traffic accident fatalities last year. 
  • 3,184 people were injured in 2,055 commercial truck accidents. 
  • Only about four out of one hundred traffic accidents involve a commercial truck or another commercial vehicle. 
  • Out of the 4,646 commercial vehicle accidents last year, 2,511 resulted in significant property damage. 
  • Over 140 truck drivers were either fatigued or asleep at the wheel at the time of their truck crash. 
  • About 40 drivers were ill or suffering a medical emergency at the time of their truck crash. 
  • Over 100 commercial vehicle drivers were drinking and driving at the time of their truck crash. 
  • Over eight percent of truck crashes involved tailgating or following too close. 
  • Just over three percent of truck crashes involved speeding. 
  • Just over four percent of truck crashes involved failure to yield. 
  • About seven percent of commercial truck accidents last year involved improper lane change.


As you can see, literally thousands of people are injured in commercial vehicle accidents and truck crashes in Virginia. In many of these cases, the truck driver or the owner of the commercial vehicle was responsible for the accident. If you believe that you deserve compensation in the wake of your Virginia commercial truck wreck, be certain to speak with an experienced VA personal injury attorney about your case. At Shapiro & Appleton& Duffan we offer injury victims a free, private meeting with a lawyer.