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Virginia Cyclist & Bicycle Accident Statistics

Riding a bicycle is good for your health, good for the earth, and good for your pocketbook. However, being a cyclist also comes with a number of dangers, especially from drivers who break the rules of the road and drivers who don't share the road with bike riders.

Here are some of the latest bike crash statistics:

107 bicycle riders were injured on Virginia roads in 2014. 

  • About one out of 100 traffic accident injuries in Virginia involved a bicycle rider or passenger. Two out of 100 traffic accident fatalities involved a bicycle rider or passenger. 
  • Six percent of all bike accidents that took place last year in Virginia involved drinking and driving, whether or not the driver was legally impaired. 
  • Over 75 percent of Virginia bicycle accidents took place during the day - probably because more riders are on the road before sunset. The remaining bike accidents took place at night, at dawn, or at dusk. 
  • About seven percent of Virginia bicycle accidents in 2010 involved a vehicle defect, such as defective brakes, defective steering, or defective wheels. 
  • About six percent of 2010 Virginia cyclist crashes involved inclement weather such as mist, fog, rain, and snow. 
  • Just under ten percent of bicycle accidents involved a vehicle running a red light or stop sign, while 17 percent of the 2010 accidents involved a failure to yield.
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