Best Va personal injury lawyersBelow is a list of lectures that our Virginia medical malpractice attorneys have delivered:


  • A Primer on Federal Employers’ Liability Act and Railroad Injury Cases (December 2, 2003) (Virginia CLE);
  • Effectively Using Medical Evidence in Court (October, 26, 2006) (National Business Institute);
  • Motions In Limine and Jury Voir Dire in Injury Cases (October 5 and 26, 2006) (VTLA);
  • How to Successfully Resolve Automobile Injury Cases (Sepember 23, 2007) (NBI).
  • James Lewis has lectured to lawyers on medical malpractice and personal injury/evidence law numerous times, including before the Virginia Trial Lawyers Ass’n
  • Spoliation of Evidence, Railroad Section, American Ass’n for Justice (AAJ) 
  • Tools Not Rules (Evidence Law, Presenting Evidence), VTLA 
  • Evidence Law:  Presenting Evidence at Trials, Georgia Trial Lawyers Ass’n 
  • John C., James Lewis and Rick Shapiro have also lectured to physicians on medical negligence law at Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk.