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Farm Vehicles Can Be Huge Danger in Rural Virginia (VA)/North Carolina (NC)

            I often drive as a personal injury lawyer licensed in Virginia (VA) and North Carolina (NC) to handle cases in places like Rocky Mount, North Carolina (NC) from my home in Norfolk, Virginia (VA).  Much of this route is rural road on Route 58 to Emporia.  Agriculture is a big part of the life in Suffolk, Virginia (VA), Franklin, Virginia (VA), and Emporia, Virginia (VA).  The counties of Isle of Wight, Brunswick and Southampton have lots of farmers and farm equipment on the roads.  Sometimes collisions between cars and farm equipment could have been avoided and are somebody’s fault.

             For example, I handled a case in Virginia (VA) where a farm truck was creeping along at well under the speed limit on Route 460 near Zuni, Virginia (VA) in the early pre-dawn hours.  The farm workers were trying to see into a cotton field whether the crop was right for processing, but did so from the roadway in a 55 mile an hour area.  Under Virginia (VA) law, you are not supposed to stop in the roadway or otherwise impede the flow of traffic without a good reason like a breakdown.  Also, the farm truck was not properly equipped with the necessary protections like appropriate slow moving vehicle signs and flashers.

             As a result of the farm vehicle driver’s fault, my client, who was a delivery-truck driver, had a collision where the vehicle that he was a passenger in at work ran into the back of the farm vehicle and he lost his leg.  Becoming an amputee as a result of someone else’s negligence on the road that was avoidable is a horrible tragedy.  Even as an experienced commercial truck driver, with a CDL license, you may run into hazards posed by tractors and farm equipment that are unusual and dangerous.

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