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Handling Virginia Beach, VA & Norfolk Medical Malpractice Claims

As Virginia Beach and Norfolk, Virginia (VA) medical malpractice lawyers with over one hundred combined years of legal experience, we are familiar with the local practices that govern medical malpractice claims in Virginia Beach, Norfolk and the surrounding areas of Chesapeake, Suffolk, Portsmouth, Hampton, Newport News, Virginia and beyond, as we have filed injury suits in virtually every court in the area on behalf of Virginia Beach/Norfolk medical malpractice victims. (Note: we have also represented Eastern Shore, VA and Outer Banks, North Carolina (NC) victims of medical negligence/errors.)

The law regarding filing a medical malpractice claim, including Virginia Beach and Norfolk medical malpractice claims, has many tricky requirements, as well as a statute of limitations and requires an experienced Virginia Beach/Norfolk medical malpractice attorney to successfully handle these claims.  The Virginia legislature has passed numerous rules and laws intended to protect the medical community from medical malpractice claims by medical malpractice victims, including Virginia Beach and Norfolk medical malpractice victims.  These laws require that a Virginia Beach or Norfolk medical malpractice claim be asserted only after the Virginia Beach or Norfolk medical malpractice victim, through his or her attorney, obtains what is called a "Certificate of Merit." 

Once the Virginia Beach/Norfolk attorney has this certificate, then he or she is free to file a medical malpractice claim in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, as well as surrounding Virginia areas.  Whether the medical malpractice claim gets filed in Virginia Beach, Norfolk or elsewhere largely depends on where the health care provider is located and/or delivers medical services.  If these services were delivered in Virginia Beach and/or Norfolk, then the Virginia Beach/Norfolk medical malpractice victim can file his or her lawsuit in that state court location.  It is very important that a Virginia Beach/Norfolk medical malpractice victim select an attorney with numerous years of experience in actually handling jury trials for a Virginia Beach or Norfolk medical malpractice claim.  If the Virginia Beach/Norfolk medical malpractice victim fails to do so, then his or her claim may not be properly presented to the court and jury and it is too late at that point.  Accordingly, the important decisions are made early, in deciding the best court location based on the medical malpractice and where it occurred, and based on familiarity with the specific Norfolk, Virginia Beach, or other medical facilities or providers involved.



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