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Anesthesia Errors Discussed by North Carolina Medical Malpractice Attorneys

Best North Carolina medical malpractice lawyersIn many cases, North Carolina residents assume that an error in surgery is caused by the surgeon. But in some cases, an operation can have disastrous results if the anesthesiologist is careless or negligent. In fact, about 500 anesthesia medical malpractice lawsuit awards are given to patients and the families of patients each year following a serious anesthesia error.

What are some common types of anesthesia errors?

•    The anesthesiologist fails to properly intubate the patient, such as if the tube is placed in stomach instead of the lung.
•    The anesthesiologist fails to appropriately monitor the patient during surgery, an issue that could lead to brain damage and other serious complications.
•    The anesthesiologist fails to adequately question a patient about their lifestyle and medical history before surgery, leading to anesthesia mistakes during the operation.
•    The anesthesiologist fails to administer the proper amount of drug, which could lead to stroke, heart attack, and other complications.
•    The anesthesiologist fails to prepare the patient before surgery. For example, he could neglect to tell the patient not to eat before the operation, which could lead to aspiration and serious complications.
•    The anesthesiologist fails to properly administer oxygen during the surgery, leading to brain damage or death.
•    The anesthesiologist fails to prevent a dangerous drug interaction that he or she should have recognized.
•    The anesthesiologist does not properly administer spinal anesthetics, permanently damaging the spinal cord.

The consequences of an anesthesia error can be long-term, permanent, and even deadly. Anesthesia mistakes can lead to brain injuries, strokes, nerve damage, spinal cord damage, paralysis, asphyxia, anesthesia awareness, coma, and death. If you or a loved one has suffered serious harm from a North Carolina Anesthesia error, call a North Carolina medical malpractice lawyer today.