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Botox Maker Faces A String Of Injury And Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Is the maker of Botox properly warning the users of the drug of its serious risks and side effects? A number of wrongful death lawsuits, defective product lawsuits, and personal injury lawsuits say no. Despite a string of Food & Drug Administration (FDA) mandates and warnings, and despite a growing number of reports of injuries and deaths, Allegan continues to sell its product and fight patient lawsuits.

The most recent Botox lawsuit settlement is the biggest yet. Late last month, a Virginia man was awarded $212 million after suffering severe brain damage following Botox treatments. The man, 67-year-old Douglas Ray Junior, suffered from writer’s cramp and hand tremors, two muscle-related conditions that can be treated with Botox. However, when the toxin spread from the injection site to the rest of his body, Ray was left with brain damage, disabilities, and the need for around-the-clock care.

Just last fall, Allegan settled another similar Botox lawsuit, this time with the family of 70-year-old Sondra Bryant, who suffered from shoulder pain. When her Botox injections spread, she died within weeks. The amount of the out-of-court wrongful death settlement is not known.

The number of poor outcomes, injuries, and death related to these Botox uses has many wondering where the problem lies: does Allegan do an appropriate job warning doctors of the potential risks of the drug, especially for non-cosmetic applications? Do we know enough about the side effects and dangers of injecting Botox into patients? Has enough research been done to clarify the dangerous of this drug, and its safe uses? While no one is sure of the answers, people continue to be harmed by this drug, and new lawsuits continue to be filed against the Allegan.

Have you or someone close to you been harmed by complications from Botox? The injury or death may have been preventable – either by the doctor who injected the drug or by the drug company who produced it. Speak to a Virginia defective product attorney or wrongful death attorney today about the details of your case.

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