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Virginia Brain Injury Attorneys Discusses Motorcycle Accidents and TBI

As many well know, Virginia motorcycle riders are far more likely to suffer traumatic brain injuries (TBI) than any other type of vehicle driver. Motorcycles do not offer their riders a cage of protection, like cars and trucks, and likewise motorcycle do not strap in their riders to keep them from ejecting from their vehicle. Finally, since motorcycles operate on only two wheels, the vehicles are more prone to losing balance, flipping, and skidding out of control.

For all of the above reasons, motorcycle helmets are required by law in the state of Virginia. Still, while safety experts have determined that motorcycle safety helmets save the lives of hundreds of bikers each year, they still do not prevent all motorcycle head injuries. Though a safety helmet will minimize damage and often prevent a fatality, a large number of motorcycle accident victims in Virginia suffer a traumatic brain injury or head injury during their crash.



The range of seriousness of traumatic brain injuries is quite large. One motorcycle crash victim may never lose consciousness during the wreck, but notice over the next few weeks that he has trouble concentrating, suffers from headaches, or suffers from short-term memory issues. Another motorcycle rider may suffer a serious brain injury, one that leaves him in a coma and requires months of rehabilitation. These more serious head injuries can involve paralysis, personality changes, behavioral problems, speech problems, cognition problems, and other issues. It is impossible to say on a case by case basis how fully each patient will recover from their head injuries.