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Traumatic Brain Injuries Can Cause Behavioral Issues And Personality Changes

As if the other serious long-term disabilities associated with traumatic brain injuries weren’t enough, many head injury victims also suffer from a lifetime of behavioral problems and personality changes. These issues stem from damage to the frontal lobe – the area of the brain that largely controls who we are and how we act. Because of the frontal lobe’s large size and prominent location, a large number of head injury victims struggle with these devastating issues.

Sufferers of traumatic brain injuries may experience these problems for the rest of their lives:

•    Personality changes
•    Lack of judgment
•    Poor impulse control
•    Aggressiveness and violent behavior
•    Explosive behavior and poor emotional control
•    Temper issues
•    Trouble obeying authorities
•    Restlessness and agitation
•    Addiction and drug abuse issues

As you might imagine, these serious issues can affect every facet of a person’s life, from their career to their relationships to their everyday interactions. Unlike a broken bone or tissue injury, a brain injury that causes personality changes will certainly alter the course of your life forever.

Working with someone who is suffering from behavioral and personality problems in the wake of a head injury can be difficult, but it is possible to make progress with these patients and teach them coping skills and social skills. However, successfully helping these issues usually takes an aggressive combination of medication and therapy – two things that can often be expensive, especially for families that are already facing other medical bills related to their head injury.

If you or a loved one have suffered behavioral issues in the wake of a traumatic brain injury – and that injury could have been prevented – you should speak with a head injury attorney immediately about your case. You may be owed help and support.
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