On July 18, 2008, the Supreme Court of Virginia reversed a trial court ruling in a breast implant case being handled by a law firm partner, James C. Lewis. The case involved a client who had ruptured breast implants removed by two plastic surgeons in Norfolk, Virginia and Virginia Beach, Virginia. After the surgery, she suffered significant problems resulting in deformities.

Law firm partner, James C. Lewis, filed a medical malpractice action against the plastic surgeons and was moving the case forward to trial. The doctors’ attorneys filed a motion asking the trial judge to dismiss the case. The trial judge in Norfolk, Virginia granted the motion and James C. Lewis appealed to the Supreme Court of Virginia.

The Supreme Court of Virginia ruled that the careless and negligent physicians and doctors should be required to go to trial to defend themselves from the victim’s complaints.  This is a significant victory for a medical malpractice case pending in Norfolk, Virginia because the Supreme Court of Virginia only reverses a small percentage of the cases which are appealed to it.

Law firm partner, James C. Lewis, successfully handled the appeal for the firm’s injured client.