Failure to timely diagnose cancer can have disastrous if not fatal consequences. Literally thousands of Americans suffer physical setback and death as a result of misdiagnosis of cancer cells.  

The lawyers at our Virginia medical malpractice law firm have extensive experience in these types of cases, and are available to answers your questions if you suspect your doctor may have exacerbated your condition with a cancer misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis. Breast cancer misdiagnosis continues to be prevalent across the country. 
Symptoms of breast cancer onset may include the following:

  • A breast lump or breast mass noted upon breast exam — usually with irregular borders 
  • Lump in the armpit
  • A change in the size or shape of the breast
  • Abnormal nipple discharge: Usually bloody or clear-to-yellow or green fluid 
  • Change in the color or feel of the skin of the breast, nipple, or areola including redness
  • visible veins on breast surface 
  • nipple  enlargement or itching 
  • Breast pain, enlargement or discomfort on one side only 

Symptoms of advanced disease are bone pain, weight loss, swelling of one arm, skin ulceration.
 Other prevalent types of cancer that regularly get misdiagnosed include cervical cancer, lymphatic cancer, and skin cancer (melanoma). To speak with a lawyer about your potential misdiagnosis injury claim, contact our office for a free, confidential consultation.