Chesapeake Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Discusses How to Negotiate with the Insurance Company

After a serious motorcycle accident where you or a loved was harmed, you probably don't want to make call after call to a faceless insurance adjuster. You also don't want to listen to them tell you one of two things: (1) the insurance company hasn’t completed its investigation of your accident, or (2) your claim isn’t worth what you think it is.

Save your energy for your recovery and have an experienced Chesapeake motorcycle accident attorney negotiate a settlement on your behalf.  Our Chesapeake personal injury law firm works with insurance companies every day, and we know the tricks they use to prevent you from getting the compensation you deserve.

After we have collected all the documentation available about the accident and discussed with you what your claim is likely worth, we will attempt to determine the coverage limits of insurance policies that are available (e.g., the at-fault driver's policy and possibly your own policy). This information helps us have a range of acceptable offers already in mind when we start negotiations with the insurance adjuster.




The insurance adjuster negotiates on behalf of the company, and he has a range, too, but it’s sure to be lower than our range. My experience with adjusters has taught me that the adjuster’s first settlement offer is routinely too low. After all, the adjuster is trying to make the best deal for the insurance company, and the lower their liability for a claim, the more money they save.

When we receive an unacceptable offer – and there may be several before we reach a settlement – we insist that the adjuster justify the reasoning that went into their offer. Sometimes adjusters are simply trying to low-ball our client. Sometimes they have an actual reason for why they think the insurance company shouldn’t pay more. In either case, we respond to the offer declining it and stating the strongest facts in our favor. We also reiterate the emotional hardship the accident caused. Then we make a counter-offer that is closer to a number within our high-low range.

It sounds like a tedious and time-consuming process, and it can be. However, our Chesapeake law firm knows how to cut through the insurance company’s red tape to get the best settlement possible for your motorcycle accident injury. While we are able to reach settlements in many cases, we are experienced litigators who are not afraid take your case to trial if the insurance company refuses to be fair.

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