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Serious truck accidents are not uncommon in Chesapeake, Virginia (VA). Many tractor trailer wrecks occur on Interstate 264 (I-264), I-464, I-64, U.S. Route 17, Route 460, and Route 168. These are some of the busiest highways and roadways in and around Chesapeake.

Imagine you’re driving along I-464 headed towards Great Bridge when a big rig operator slams into the back of your sedan. The impact is so severe that you suffer a serious neck injury. You get treated at a local hospital, probably Chesapeake Regional Medical Center, and are now faced with trying to sort out all of the important details to figure out what to do next while still recuperating from your injury. This is a frustrating and difficult situation to be in since you probably have many questions that need to be answered. For example, “Does the at-fault driver have insurance?” “How bad is the damage to my vehicle?” “Who will pay for my medical expenses?” are all typical questions accident victims have to get answered.

This is the time to hire a Chesapeake truck accident injury lawyer. You need someone who can take some of the burden off your shoulders and make sure you receive proper compensation for your injury, any lost wages, and pain and suffering.

A serious neck injury, or injuries to your shoulder, back, head, and so on, will probably require extensive rehabilitation and may require you to miss time from work, or even be forced to change your occupation. Considering the truck driver was at fault, their insurance should pay for your medical bills. This is true, but do not fall for the trap that many trucking insurance companies lay for victims – they offer to just over your medical bills, but you have to sign a liability release form. This means you’re sacrificing a claim for your lost wages and pain and suffering just to get your medical bills covered.  

What if it turns out the at-fault truck driver was drowsy and dosed off (due to being on the road for too long) and that caused the accident? In this scenario, we can discuss pursuing what’s called “punitive damages.” This is compensation that is a form of punishment against the at-fault driver. It is awarded in an effort to dissuade the at-fault driver from ever behaving so recklessly again, and to dissuade other truck drivers from behaving so recklessly.

What if you had a preexisting condition prior to the truck wreck? This does not mean your injury claim is barred or hindered. Granted, there is a very good chance the insurance defense lawyers and claims adjusters will try to use your preexisting condition against you, but our Chesapeake personal injury attorneys take a different stance on preexisting conditions – if you suffer a neck injury in your truck wreck, but have a preexisting knee injury, we don’t feel that injury is relevant. So, don’t think that just because you have a preexisting condition your case is ruined. You probably still have a legitimate injury claim. This is the type of information and advice you can, and should, receive from a Chesapeake truck accident injury lawyer.

Our Chesapeake injury law firm possesses a track record of securing sizable settlements and jury verdicts in truck accident injury cases. See some examples below:

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