Client Testimonial from Michael Bartley | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Client: Michael Bartley
Attorney: Rick Shapiro
Date: November 2002

I wanted to take this occasion to express my sincere appreciation to you and your most capable staff in handling my personal injury case in November of 2002.

When I became injured, there were a lot more things happening than just the pain I was going through. The uncertainty alone could have been overwhelming had it not been for your reassuring manner. From the very beginning and every step along the way, you kept me well informed as to where we were in my case and what to expect. I appreciated your honesty and your sincerity regarding my injury.

Having been a legislative representative for the United Transportation Union for many years, it allowed me the opportunity, to witness firsthand what quality representation should be. Your law firm was a standout because of it’s reputation for success, the aggressive nature that you and your colleagues share in the pursuit of justice for the injured. After realizing that I wasn’t going to be able to work through my injury and that even though in the beginning I tried to deny the severity of my injuries, (no one wants to be hurt), I finally came to the conclusion that there was a good chance this accident was going to end my 25 year career. I always put 110% of myself into safety and doing my job professionally. (Even if you’re trying to do everything right, things can happen out of your control).

Because of your reassurance, I was able to focus my attention on my recovery, even though it turned out to be very limited. Corporations have an army of attorneys to minimize the impact that an injury could have on them monetarily. Too many times they’re able to walk away unscathed because the injured choose the wrong representation. All law firms are not created equal!

Your law firm ultimately enabled me to set aside my economic concerns and allowed me to focus on my future. I would highly recommend you and your colleagues to anyone that has been injured! If any time in the future you would want to use me as a reference, I would be honored to do so! Again my sincere thanks.

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