Client: West Virginia (WV) resident
Attorney: Rick Shapiro

I was scared……I feel I was actually in shock – or at least thats what it felt like. All I knew for sure was that I was hurt…..the company was already in high gear and I knew that I needed to protect my interests. My wife wanted to know how we were going to survive financially as far as the future. I decided to contact a lawyer, but which one? I literally called every lawyer listed in the back of the BLE magazine.

A couple sounded ok….but when I spoke to Rick Shapiro of [SCLA] in Virginia I knew I had found the lawyer I wanted to protect my rights vs. the company (NS). My case is over now and I honestly can say Rick Shapiro was the best choice I could have possibly made….Rick literally wrote the book on railroad litigation, “Railroad Health & Safety; A Litigator’s Guide.”

Along with Rick and his crack office staff also came a former railroader and top investigator Charlie Cunningham. How could I have stood up to this huge corporation without Rick and Charlie? I know I wouldn’t have stood a chance. Me and my family just want to say thanks to Rick, Charlies, and everyone at [SCLA].

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