Truck accident injury testimonialBelow is a testimonial from one of our trip and fall injury clients.  To read more reviews from our clients, please click here.

“I was very happy that the lawyers at Shapiro & Appleton handled this wrongful death case for my son, whose father was killed in a truck accident. They really took the time to listen to me and what I was concerned about. By the end of the case, I really felt like he was, not only my trusted lawyer, but also my friend.
I was recommended to John by another attorney that my husband knew. That attorney said that  this law firm was the one to hire for any big, important injury case.  
I felt that the lawyer and his office let me know at each step of the case, what was going on with the lawsuit.  He made sure that everything went smoothly in dealing with the insurance company and the other lawyers. They made me feel like mine was the only case he was working on, though I know he is very busy with lots of cases.
I knew what amount of money I thought was fair going into the mediation. I was happy when they was able to get my son, not only the amount of money that I was looking for, but even more. Even after the case was settled, I continued to hear from the lawyer and he seemed to take a genuine interest in trying to help me and my son.”-B.J.

Client: B.J.
Case: Truck Wreck/Wrongful Death on Interstate 81 in western VA