Common Carolina Car Accident Injuries | NC & SC Accident Injury Lawyers | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

A tractor-trailer rear-ends you on I-95, breaking your back. A speeding motorcycle t-bones you at a busy intersection, breaking your ribs and leaving lacerations on your face. An I-77 accident leaves you with a traumatic brain injury. An I-40 accident results in a broken arm and whiplash. Car accidents in North Carolina (NC) and South Carolina (SC) come in an infinite number of permutations – and no two accidents are alike. However, some Carolina car accident injuries are more common than others.

· Brain injuries. In many Carolina car accidents, a driver or passenger’s head strikes an object involved in the accident, such as a windshield. This blunt trauma can result in a concussion, closed head injury, traumatic brain injury, brain damage, post-concussion syndrome, and skull fractures.

· Whiplash. Whiplash most commonly occurs when your car is hit from behind – the change in momentum when your car is hit causes your neck to be distorted violently. Symptoms of whiplash can sometimes not appear until days after a car accident.

· Back injuries. Back injuries can result in permanent disabilities and long-term issues with nerve damage and pain. Injuries to the intervertebral disks in the neck, cervical discs, thoracic disks, mid-back disks, and lumbar discs, such as compression fractures, can occur during a car accident.

· Internal organ injuries. As a car crushes around a car accident victim, their delicate internal organs may be injured or punctured. Organs like the heart, lungs, liver, spleen, kidneys, and intestines may be adversely affected in a car accident.

· Broken bones and limbs. Broken arms, broken, legs, broken ribs, broken wrists, broken ankles, and other fractures are common during serious car accidents.