VA Car Accident Injury Lawyer: Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel Crashes | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

There’s hardly a week that goes by, in which we don’t hear about a tunnel accident suchas as one in the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. Recently a tractor trailer struck the rear of a repair truck and ended up on a roadside barrier on the Bay Bridge tunnel. According to a long time truck driver named Bob Hildebrant, the barriers inside the tunnel need to be upgraded.  Another trucker, Jack Desmond, avoids using the tunnel at all costs, even though driving around it costs him time and money.  He said that the tunnel is very long, narrow and traffic is heavy. Car drivers are flying past you and the bridge also is too low for trucks.

On the other hand, some truckers have no problem with the tunnel. One noted to the media this week that drivers who have a problem with the tunnel should learn to drive better. Another driver named Reggie Williams drives the tunnel 10  times each week. He wondered how high the guardrail really needs to be as you are driving in a straight line.

Our VA personal injury firm has represented many truck drivers who have been injured. Trucking companies can place considerable strains and stresses on their drivers by failing to give them enough rest, making schedules over demanding or making them drive defective or poorly maintained trucks.