North Carolina Cyclists at High Risk of Suffering Serious Injury

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Getting into a car accident is terrible and can lead to a serious injury, but if you're riding a bicycle and crash, the chances of suffering a major, life-threatening injury increases exponentially. It's an inherent risk of being a cyclist. You're body is exposed to the elements and the full onslaught of damage if struck by a vehicle, or if you slam into an object like a tree or guardrail.

Even with increased awareness to bicycle safety, 716 cyclists were killed in traffic accidents back in 2008. In addition, 52,000 cyclists were injured in accidents in 2008, a 21 percent increase.

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The most common bicycle crash injuries include broken legs, broken neck, shattered pelvis, traumatic brain injury (TBI), cuts, scrapes, etc. Most people know the best way to reduce the chances of suffering a TBI and protecting your skull is to wear a helmet.  You should also wear knee and elbow pads to decrease the severity of cuts and scrapes.

Another simple suggestion is to wear bright clothing, especially if you're enjoying a ride in the evening time. Check out this site which shows ways not to be the victim of a car-bike accident at intersections.