Dealing with the Aftermath of a North Carolina Motorcycle Accident

A North Carolina personal injury attorney understands that one of the scariest moments a person on a motorcycle can have is when they are approaching an intersection – and they have the right of way – yet a vehicle heading in the other direction suddenly turns left directly in front of them. In some cases, if the motorcyclist can react quickly enough, they may be able to move out of the vehicle’s way. They still often end up with injuries because the sudden darting of the motorcycle can cause them to lose balance and fall off the bike. Tragically, in far too many other situations, the vehicle slams into the bike and the motorcyclist ends up with severe injuries or dead.

Left-Hand Turn Motorcycle Crashes

Left-hand turn motorcycle accidents are one of the most common, typically as a result of the other driver thinking they have more time to turn than they actually do, running or beating a red light, or they just don’t see the motorcycle.

In fact, left-hand turns are the number one factor in motorcycle accidents and fatalities. According to data from The U.S. Department of Transportation, 53 percent of crossing-path crashes involve left turns, while only six percent involve right turns. That’s almost 10 times as many crashes.

There are many dangers on the road that motorcyclists face. One of the most dangerous places for a motorcycle is at a traffic light. When a light turns green, too many drivers will attempt to take that left-hand turn despite not having the right of way. When the driver who does have the right of way is in a passenger vehicle, they at least have some protection from a crash. But there is no protection on a motorcycle and the resulting injuries are often catastrophic.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Many motorcyclists suffer brain and neck injuries, broken bones, internal injuries, amputations, and back and spine injuries. Even what may seem like a minor injury – road rash – can result in permanent nerve and tissue damage. The recovery and rehabilitation of a motorcycle accident victim can take months and many are often left with permanent disabilities.

Victims can be left with astronomical medical bills and overwhelming financial difficulties from being unable to work while they recover. When the injuries have left the victim permanently disabled, they may be left unable to work. There are also other losses, such as pain and suffering, emotional anguish, loss of the ability to enjoy life, and loss of companionship.

In accidents where the victim does not survive their injuries, under North Carolina law, members of their family or a representative of their estate may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver who caused the crash. Financial compensation can include the medical expenses incurred trying to save the victim’s life and funeral and burial expenses. The family can also pursue damages for loss of income, loss of benefit, loss of service, loss of companionship, and emotional anguish.

 Let a Carolinas Injury Attorney Help

An experienced North Carolina motorcycle accident attorney will aggressively advocate for you to meet and discuss the details of your case and how they may be able to assist you in getting the financial compensation you deserve.

If you or a loved one are injured in a motorcycle accident, it is critical not to delay contacting the legal team at Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp to take action on your case before the statute of limitation expires. If that happens, you will be unable to collect financial damages for losses you or your family may be entitled to.

Our firm also offers a free motorcycle injury guide which offers information that you may find helpful.