Electric Shock Injuries and Electrocution Deaths- Virginia Injury Law Firm Breaks Down the Basics

This page is for victims who may have suffered a preventable injury due to an electric shock. This type of injury can have horrific, life-altering consequences. For example, some victims may suffer permanent nerve damage, severe burns, and/or inability to use limbs like your arm or leg. This page will focus on basic information so injured victims fully understand this type of case.

So, what exactly is an electric shock injury?

This type of injury routinely occurs when someone touches an exposed electric current, or a device they’re holding is suddenly electrified. An electrical shock injury has the propensity to cause severe, disfiguring burns known as electric burns. What makes these burns unique is that the burns may be not noticeable to the naked eye; some burns completely internal. If you suffer an internal electric burn, you may lose the feeling in your arm, leg, or other body part or even be unable to use the limb.

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The outcome of an electric shock to an individual depends on the intensity of the voltage to which the person was exposed, the route of the current through the body, the victim's state of health, and the speed and adequacy of the treatment. Death by electric shock is called electrocution.

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Causes of an electric shock injury or electrocution death:

  • Accidental electric shock contact with exposed parts of electrical appliances or wiring
  • Flashing of electric arcs from high-voltage power lines causing electric shocks
  • Machinery or occupational-related electric shocks/electrocution
  • Defective product electrical wiring electric shocks
  • Accidental electric power or overhead power line electric shock/electrocution
  • Industrial and factory electric shock or electrocution
  • Young children suffering an electrical shock

If you file an electric shock injury claim, here are the types of monetary damages that can be pursued:

  • Medical bills, which may include rehabilitation costs.
  • Lost wages if you’re forced to change your job or are permanently disabled and cannot work.
  • Pain and suffering that routinely occurs when someone suffers a drastic decrease in their quality of life after a sudden, unexpected accident.
  • Emotional strain associated with the injury

Our electric shock injury law firm has experience handling these types of cases. For example, we represented a pilot who suffered a career-ending electric shock injury after he was seriously shocked while in the shower at a hotel. Given the fact that our client was unable to return to the profession he loved, we were able to secure a $1.5 million settlement. To read more about this settlement, check out the case result analysis here.


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