Car Accident Injury Lawyers Discuss Eliminating Driving Distractions - Safe Driving Tips | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Driving can get dull. We pass through the same route twice a day on our way to work and back. We could drive to the soccer field to pick up our kids from practice with our eyes closed. We know the route to the grocery store back and forth, down to the last mailbox and street sign.

However, recent studies have found that driving distractions play an enormous role in car accidents, especially when paired with other driving hazards such as snow, bad roads, or wind. Even though we may think we are on “boring” routes, we are still driving very large and heavy pieces of equipment at speeds that could injure ourselves or others.

Here is a list of deadly distractions – activities that you may think are saving you time, but are actually endangering the people in your car and others around you.

  •  Eating. Some of us have busy schedules and barely have time to sit down for a meal. However, eating while driving can be deadly.
  •  Talking on the phone. Just because you see a lot of people doing it doesn’t mean that it is safe. Your cell phone takes one hand off of the wheel and also takes your mind off of the road.
  •  Applying makeup or doing your hair. Take the extra few minutes to groom yourself in the morning, not in your car, where you can risk a serious car accident. If it happens, it will be your fault.
  •  Reading a map. Sure, we all get lost on the road from time to time, but that doesn’t mean that we should make ourselves a car accident waiting to happen. If you need to look at a map, pull over and get your bearings before you get back on the road.
  •  Playing with the radio. Although some minimal radio and CD player buttons can be pushed without a problem these two activities are notorious for causing accidents on the road. Have your passenger help you with dials and buttons, or else wait for a red light to change the station.