North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyers- Elizabeth City Court Information | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

As North Carolina personal injury lawyers we have experience helping clients in both Camden County and Pasquotank County.  In one such case our client was hurt by a driver that failed to yield the right of way while attempting to turn left onto US Route 17 from a stop sign and caused a serious car accident.  The impact was so severe that our client had to be cut out and removed from his vehicle by emergency personnel. Our client suffered a possible fractured left clavicle, shoulder dislocation and tear, elbow trauma, knee, hand, back and chest injuries.  The orthopaedic surgeon performed a rotator cuff repair surgery.  The operation was successful.  Our client also suffered a deviated nasal septum as a result of this crash from the air bags deploying into his face.  An ENT surgeon performed a septoplasty and inferior turbinate reductionsurgical procedure. Our law firm was able to arrive at an acceptable settlement number for the client during mediation. 

Below is information about the court system for both counties in North Carolina (NC):

Camden Courthouse:
117 North Hwy 343
Camden, NC 27921

Pasquotank Courthouse:
206 E Main St
Elizabeth City, NC 27909

We have an office in Elizabeth City. Here are directions from our office to the Pasquotank Courthouse.

Camden County and Pasquotank County are assigned to the First Judicial District and when our firm files an injury, accident, or wrongful death lawsuit exceeding $10,000, it is assigned to a Superior Court. There are 46 superior court districts, which in turn are grouped into eight divisions.