VA Dangerous Drug Lawyers: FDA Recalls Weight Loss Drug HYDROXYCUT | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

As a busy Virginia personal injury lawyer, I try my best to keep informed of the news surrounding consumer products. The most recent FDA recall splashed all over the news is for the well known weight loss drug, Hydroxycut.  Everyone has seen these ads.  They flash pictures of beautiful men and women and their amazing before and after transformations.  I too was eager to see if the advertisements were true and tried out this product while I was in law school.  Luckily I only tried the product for a very brief time.  However, not everyone was so lucky.  Many people have used this product for extended periods of time and many have lost significant weight as a result.  The question is what has it cost those people?  According to FDA reports, it might have cost them a healthy liver. 

Today, I met with a young military man who became sick from Hydroxycut.  I was shocked at the yellowing of his eyes and skin.  He had been taking Hydroxycut for two months when he began to experience every one of the symptoms that are listed on the FDA recall of Hydroxycut.  It is terrifying to know that a drug this toxic was on the market with such aggressive advertisements.  Hydroxycut has been shown to cause severe liver damage as well as other serious health problems including death.  Many of the injured people will inevitably be young with families to support for many more years.

If you or someone you know has been taking Hydroxycut or another dangerous drug and is experiencing any of the symptoms listed below, please call my office to schedule a free consultation.